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Sean from Pittsburgh wrote on August 7, 2013
I have been an at-home nudist for quite a while now, but I finally took the plunge and had my first social nudism experience this past Sunday at WTL. I am hooked! It was so relaxing to be able to swim, play volleyball, and hike the trails in the nude. Everyone there was friendly, and I couldn't have asked for a better day. My only regret is that I didn't try this years ago. I will be back soon, hopefully for a whole weekend.
Zachary from Parkersburg, WV wrote on August 5, 2013
I visited WTL for the first time on Saturday Aug 3. I have been to other nude/clothing optional resorts before (Avalon, Cedar Trails, and Paradise Gardens). However, none were as nice as White Thorn Lodge. The people were friendly and the volleyball competition was pretty intense. I wish I could have stayed the whole weekend. I met some amazing people. The hog roast was wonderful. I plan on coming back real soon and maybe even becoming a member. Thank you WTL for being such an awesome place to visit.
Mary from Pittsburgh wrote on August 3, 2013
I had a wonderful early birthday celebration in my birthday suit. Everyone was so nice and welcoming to me, a very newbie "nude-bie?"! I'll definitely be back! In the immortal words of Tommy Pickles, "Nakey is good. Nakey is free. Nakey is NAKEY!" :!cool:
Pat N. from Pittsburgh, PA wrote on August 1, 2013
I've enjoyed nudity all my life! It's a freeing experience. Hope to one day join u all in social nudism. Enjoy the rest of Summer. To all nature lovers everywhere, enjoy the rest of summer, and get a good tan! 😀
Jen S from Poland ohio wrote on July 31, 2013
I just purchased a camper and i cant wait to come there and be naked with a large group of people, it just really gets me going...
John from Pittsburgh wrote on July 24, 2013
Visited White Thorn Lodge last week and I must say it was wonderful. Beautiful well kept camp grounds.Extremely warm and friendly people were every were. I was so relaxed to be naked in front of everyone. I was greeted by Lewis at the welcome center, he was friendly and nice enough to show me the way around the camp.It felt soo good to feel the sun all over me. The pool was relaxing and quiet and clean.The only thing, I had to leave early because of a thunder storm.I plan on visiting this place again , before the fall. 😀
mary s. from New York, NY wrote on July 18, 2013
Had an amazing time running the State-Line Streak! I am an avid runner, but the endorphin rush from running a race naked (or just running solo in the buff, which I did on Sunday) is hard to describe. Looking forward to more runs at White Thorn Lodge, where everyone is so welcoming!
Mike C. from Sunset Valley Heights, PA wrote on July 14, 2013
Yesterday was my first visit to a nudist camp ever so I was a little nervous but everyone at WTL was very friendly and the place is great. It was amazing being one of the 217 people that participated in the attempt at the world record skinny dip.
Gina H from Silver Creek NY wrote on July 9, 2013
Had a wonderful visit. This place is a little slice of heaven. Very beautiful surroundings and awesome friendly people that I was very pleased to meet. (Great 94th Birthday party I attended.) ;0) Will definitely be back soon.
Rob and Lisa from Ashtabula County, Ohio wrote on June 30, 2013
My husband and I had our first visit to White Thorn Saturday morning and we rented a cabin and stayed over until Sunday morning. We had the time of our lives! I can't even begin to tell u all the friends we believe we have made 😮 EVERYONE u pass is so genuine and truly wonderful. We couldn't have picked a better place to come and enjoy our weekend. The pool and grounds are absolutely amazing! The website doesn't even begin to show the beauty of White Thorn. We intend on becoming members and are hopefully coming back for the 4th of July weekend. I'm already excited about it 😉
Tresse wrote on June 27, 2013
Wow! I am so impressed. Spent the weekend with you all at WTL and can't wait to return to your beautiful surroundings, but more so to the incredibly friendly people. I met dozens of new people and was so blessed by the warm, welcoming, generous and even protective response which I received. As you can imagine, as a woman arriving alone for my first visit, I was more than a bit apprehensive and nearly cancelled. So glad I didn't! Loved all the activities! See ya all again very soon!
Dan & Tracey from Pittsburgh area wrote on June 20, 2013
We experienced a nudist swim and wanted to experience the nature of camping and freedom of nudism at WTL. We were pleasantly welcomed by Ken whom toured us around the premasis in a golfcart. The flowers were beautifully planted, clean restrooms and nice heated pool. We pitched a tent but was not prepared for the sudden drop in temperature. Friendly WTL neighbors lent us a heater, another offered us to stay in there camper, we were welcomed and blessed with such kind people. This truly was an fulfilled exciting and unforgetable experience......... Three weeks later we ventured back to WTL but this time we rented a cabin. Its undescribable how awesome it is to take a nature walk in the nude. We have never felt so comfortable. This experience made my confidence level go up and looking forward to meeting new friends. WE WILL BE BACK.WTL
P.J. from Hubbard wrote on June 5, 2013
I grew up at WTL & always meant to come back but the days turned into months,then years & more years. I finally journeyed back last week & everyone welcomed me....& no one knew me except for one very special lady. I knew all the people that made camp what it was when I was a child & it was so heart warming to see how the people of camp today keep it as beautiful as ever. It takes a village....& this one is full of great people! I look forward to my future chance of giving my time & effort to the place that helped to grow me
Dale from Hermitage, PA wrote on June 2, 2013
Visited WTL for the first time this season this past weekend. The new pool area is beautiful with the much larger pool, larger sunning area, umbrella tables and of course the poolside hot tube. Food at the snack bar is always good. I had a good time and will return soon. Thanks to the members for the new area.
J + K from Ohio wrote on May 28, 2013
My wife and I was in for Saturday night and Sunday but had to leave unexpectly due to a family emergency back home. Now that everything is back to normal, just wanted to say thank you to the staff for understanding. The new pool is amazing! The people are great, a member even let us use a portable heater, extension cord and a few extra blankets that made a huge difference at night. Can not wait to return. Next time I will not listen to my wife, BRING SUNSCREEN!!!
Keith from DuBois, Pa. wrote on May 24, 2013
I'd love to spend a weekend at your resort.
Thomas C. from Akron ohio wrote on May 23, 2013
This is without the best place to visit such nice people very relaxing we drank our beer and we met sum nice folks along the pool gotta get up there this summer its been to long I used to visit every weekend when I lived in Aliquippa pa but now im in akron and have to work all the time but this year im gonna change that at least a few times they always make me and marsha feel so welcome when we visited in the past.
s&d paul from cheswick pa wrote on May 23, 2013
2 years ago my husband and I come to white thorn I never been to a nude camp he has and im a bigger woman so I was nerves but my nerves settled after a while. we are going to be up there this weekend. I never been on the weekend and I know there is a lot of people so here come the nerves lo. but over all a very relaxing place
Tony & Sandra from Pittsburgh, PA wrote on May 20, 2013
A friend, Ken, invited my wife and I to visit White Thorn Lodge. Ken met us at the gate and, once we parked our car, he took us on a golf cart tour of the camp. I was actually surprised at the size and was very impressed with how well it was maintained. We spent the day walking the trails; watching a couple of whitetail deer when we visited the pond. We met Bob & Nancy and Pat (very nice people) as we relaxed in the new hot tub. We enjoyed swimming and just relaxing at the beautiful bran new pool. In short, both my wife and I had a wonderful time! WTL was even better than I expected!
James & Sharon S. from Tampa Florida wrote on April 22, 2013
We come up here every year since the late 80s for the superbowl we look forward to it every year it is such a beautiful camp.