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Joy from Col. County Ohio wrote on August 3, 2012:
I come to Whitethorn with my male friend once or twice a year for the past 12-15 years we love to skinny dip- and its harder to find a place to do that
we like the people here and know that everyone is mature and decent.
John from Ellwood City, PA wrote on July 18, 2012:
I, too, was a newbie to nudism when I visited White Thorn Lodge this past Saturday for the 5K State Line Streak. I immediately felt comfortable with the concept and enjoyed sharing comments with other entrants before, during, and after the race. Being a resident of the area, I regret not visiting the lodge years ago. I am grateful that the race provided the incentive for me to finally visit. I hope that other locals, who have been holding back from visiting, do themselves a favor and make their way to this gorgeous multi-sport and recreational facility for an enjoyable time socializing with pleasant people.
Andrea from WV wrote on July 17, 2012:
I visited White Thorn Lodge last week to participate in the Streak Naked 5K Race. It was both my first naked run and my first visit to a nudist club. Everyone was very warm and welcoming, and I was quickly put at ease. The pool and hot tub were particularly inviting, and the grounds were beautiful. I live over four hours away, so I can't visit often, but I will definitely be back!
Brian from Rome, OH wrote on July 15, 2012:
I enjoyed the first time WTL 5K. It was a very challenging course, but will do it again next year. I visit WTL whenever I can and every time is more enjoyable than the last. Thanks to everyone that makes one feel comfortable.
Dave from Greensburg wrote on July 14, 2012:
Thanks so much for the 5k today! It was great. Great turnout. Can't wait to beat my time next year!
Crystal from Meadville wrote on July 9, 2012:
I recently visited WTL for the first time. It was also my first social nudist experience. I was a little nervous and did keep a towel wrapped around me for a while, but the people there were exceptional at making me feel welcome and comfortable. Lots of very friendly folks there.
Also, the grounds are simply breathtaking and there are lots of opportunities to go out and experience them.
I am looking forward to visiting again, this time for the whole weekend!
Tom from Harrison City wrote on July 7, 2012:
I finally visited on July 1 and took the tour. While I was not able to stay long I had a wonderful time . The grounds were beautiful and the people were extremely friendly. I look forward to visiting again
Ted from Girard, OH wrote on June 19, 2012:
I'm fairly new to the nudist scene. My friends are too scared to come with me. And i hate doing things by myself. I'm a single guy approaching 40 looking for friends to run around naked with. I went to the camp in medina last year and people there said white thorn was a nice place. Hopefully more people my age to do more than just swim. Volleyball, tennis?
Ed from West Middlesex wrote on June 9, 2012:
I have been telling myself for a few years now that I was going to go to WTL. Today I went and I felt like there was no better place to go on a Saturday afternoon. It was so relaxing and everyone was so nice and made me feel right at home. I will definitley be returning no doubt about it, I may be there next weekend......
Bob from Olean, NY wrote on May 20, 2012:
I have wanted to visit a nudist park for a long time. I am retired and have been a widower for several years. I finally got the chance to visit WTL a few years back during the superbowl of volleyball. I had some apprehensions, but they soon disappeared. The people I met were very open and helpful. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed the time I spent there. I have no regrets and would go back anytime.
Carol Clute from Niles, OH wrote on May 14, 2012:
Me, Big Mike, Eric Poops n Scoops and Boots enjoyed our stay. Is he stayin' for dinner or what? Oh, I dunno. Joey ate all the cookies.
Ed from Mercer County wrote on May 3, 2012:
Have wanted to go to WTL for a few years now and am hoping to finally go this summer. I have heard it is a very nice place. I have been to the swims a couple times with the WPN group and have had fun. I just wish I had some friends around here that I knew were nudists too...
Ted & Sandy from Casa Grande, Arizona wrote on April 20, 2012:
WTL was our very first nudist experience way back in 1980 and we've visited every summer from then up until moving from OH to AZ in 2007. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful, friendlier place to be introduced to social nudism! Especially enjoyable was spending Fourth of July weekends at WTL with our home club, Northcoast Naturists. The parades with police and fire equipment from the local community were always a treat. A special memory was walking nude on the wooded trails during a warm, late summer shower. Too many fond WTL memories to list! Thank you so very much for being the wonderful, friendly club that you are!
Jeff from Hermitage, PA wrote on March 8, 2012:
I have always heard very nice things about White Thorn and am hoping to get the chance to finally visit this year and meet some wonderful people.
Chick from Pittburgh, PA wrote on February 16, 2012:
As an active social nudist for over forty years I've been to many nudist venues, some were nice and some were not. I can, without any doubt tell you that White Thorn Lodge is one of the best. The grounds are second to none in their upkeep and the staff is always friendly and will help you in any way they can. I HIGHLY recommend you visit with your entire family and friends (we all wish) note: this has been an unpaid endorsement
Brian from NE Ohio wrote on January 15, 2012:
I started going to WTL last summer and met some nice people. Nancy if you read this thanks for all the friendly chats we had. Brian and Margie wow you aguys are great too. Hoep to see you there this summer. Great place to feel free.
CRS Travelers from Angola, NY wrote on November 13, 2011:
After visiting quite a few nudist places this year WTL appears to be in the running for our most favorite nudist campground that we went to over 2011'. We visited for the first time in early July with everyone so warm & inviting that we felt like we fit right in from the the starting gate. We have to come 2.5 hrs to get there but it was well worth it! Everyone assured us that the Luai weekend along with the Volleyball weekend would be great times to plan "a must return for" time. We were able to make it for the Luai weekend after some last minute schedule rearranging and it was a blast dancing in the sand under the stars in the nude to the great band strike three? I think they were called!! We are tent campers but it is a great arrangement to be able to pick a spot in the open area and set up wherever you want to.
Many thanks go out to Tristy, Andy, Terry, Lisa and her hubby along with Carol just to name a few of the members that welcomed us with open arms. I promise I will bring some "spirits" back next year to share with Andy and Terry! :p
It is a very clean and well manicured place, believe me when I say the members really do take pride in the maintaining of the property. Next year we will be on board from the begining of the summer so we can have more dates open & return to many of the activities planned in 2012'. The activities and music along with the live bands are great!! The pool needless to say is quite a popular congregating place to socialize or sit by the side and read or take a nap while getting a great tan! :!sun:
Definately worth our ride, we will be back and maybe this year we will have graduated up to atleast a pop up camper from a tent! 😮
Tommy from SW PA wrote on October 31, 2011:
One of the best places I've been, and I've been to alot of places. I was a young child when I was introduced to WTL and twenty-three years later, I still visit. Great place for families.
Phillip from Pittsburgh,Pa wrote on October 30, 2011:
I haven't been there for awhile.I am coming there next year.I love the place.Its a very good place for first time people who would like to try nudism for the first time.Very good place to relax and get a tan.Very peaceful
F from Ohio wrote on October 25, 2011:
A great place to unwrap and unwind during the week. Quiet, peaceful and clean. Great people.