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25 02, 2024

PJ’s Story


Growing up at White Thorn Lodge made for the BEST childhood ever! Being surrounded by a great group of people both young and old, helped to mold the beliefs that I still hold today—extend peace, love and kindness so that [...]

PJ’s Story2024-05-15T19:34:55-04:00
6 04, 2018

Kat’s Story


Did you know WTL is a friendly and safe environment for woman of all shapes & sizes? As a plus size single woman who started to investigate an interest in nudism, I needed to know that I was both physically [...]

Kat’s Story2023-05-28T10:11:50-04:00
6 04, 2018

Donna’s Story


In 1984, my brother visited Black's Beach in San Diego. For Christmas that year he sent me the World Guide to Nude Recreation and said he thought I would enjoy the atmosphere at Black's Beach. At that time, I thought [...]

Donna’s Story2018-04-06T11:52:40-04:00
6 04, 2018

Cecil’s Story


Years and years ago I bought a book called, “In Nudist Colonies” I've had a fascination with nudity all my life. Somehow I never looked for organized places to try it. One day my husband and I were on vacation [...]

Cecil’s Story2018-04-06T11:48:10-04:00
6 04, 2018

Nurse Mardie’s Story


I have probably been a “closet nudist” my whole life. My earliest memories are of running around the house naked as a child with my mother trying desperately to keep clothes on me. When we lived in California for 3 [...]

Nurse Mardie’s Story2018-04-06T11:41:35-04:00
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