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Jen and Chuck from Greensburg wrote on July 29, 2015:
Return visit after first time 2 weeks ago. We would like to thank WTL members for all of the hard work and planning that went into the Luau this past week end. We had a fabulous time with the Volleyball, Unbelievable pig roast and food and live band, and dancing. We are already making plans to come back for the next luau weekend next year. Thanks again
Jay from Ohio wrote on July 29, 2015:
I have visited Whitehorn several times and have had just a pleasant experience every time. My first visit, was so enjoyable I've returned several times. I had been to one other resort, and was still a little apprehensive on my visit, I was welcomed at the gate, got the grounds tour and then made my way to the pool for a relaxing day. The pool and hot tub areas are immaculate. Music poolside and later in the day there was a band.
I met and chatted with few residents who later asked me to play in their volleyball game as they needed another player. Everyone there could not be more friendly. Thanks for the warm welcome, I plan to return again when passing through the area.
Mark&Kim from Ohio wrote on July 27, 2015:
I've been there before and loved it , the first time for wife and was surprised how comfortable she was , we both enjoyed it immensely, people are friendly non judging , excellent time
Two thumbs up
Chuck & Jen from Greensburg pa wrote on July 20, 2015:
Our first time visiting WTL this past Saturday. Grounds were very well landscaped and very clean. Pool was great and plenty of lounge chairs in and out of the sun. Snack bar had great food and surprisingly reasonably priced. We played tennis on a great court, until it hit 90 degrees, then hit the pool the rest of the day. People were very friendly. Sadly, had to go home but we found our piece of paradise fairly close to home. Thanks to Ken for the great tour. Will be back very soon
Tammy L. from Montville Ohio wrote on July 20, 2015:
My boyfriend convinced me to try this camp ground. I love camping and meeting people, but was afraid of (like most women) that I would be judged for my body. Nope!!! He had visited this camp before and enjoyed playing volleyball and said it was a very comfortable environment. He was absolutely right. Everyone was so so friendly and welcoming. And there were no one judging anyone. I surprised even myself at how quickly I became comfortable. Great pool and the grounds are very lovely. The food was delicious. I am looking forward to returning again soon. It was a great weekend. Thank you very much members of White Thorn!! 😉
Ken from Baltimore wrote on July 15, 2015:
I was at White Thorn this past Weekend for the 5K run and the Some Colors run/walk. I came in 47 out of 47, but that is pretty much how I planned it. I just wanted to make it and I did and it was fun. And then I did
The Some Colors walk where they throw different color powders on you along the way. It was alot of fun. I came in last on that one too.

The place was very nice, well kept and clean, the pool was nice and warm and two hot tubs, one hot and one hotter. And they also have good food. All in all I had a very good time there, and the people were very nice.
Eric from White Oak wrote on July 6, 2015:
I have been wanting to visit for the last 5 years. I made it to WTL for the first time yesterday and I had a very nice time! Everyone I met was very nice and made you feel like you belonged. I went alone because my wife was nervous about being nude in public.

If you're like I was and my wife still is, don't be afraid! There are people there of all age groups and body types... you don't have to be a model or have a 6-pack to fit in!

I hope I'll be coming back again soon!
Steve n Barbara from wickliffe ohio wrote on June 28, 2015:
Hello all we just spent few days at white thorn. We met a bunch of wonderful friendly people. Such a nice comfortable place everyone makes you feel like family. we will return we stayed in a cabin rental was great,clean comfortable, Very nice.
P & B from Hancock County, WV wrote on June 16, 2015:
We just spent our first weekend at being nude and we had a wonderful time at White Thorn. We felt comfortable in about 5 minutes and hated to put our clothes back on. The pool and hot tubs were wonderful. The grounds were beautiful and the people were the nicest you'd find anywhere. My husband was so relaxed, which was very much needed. We work hard and it was a great weekend of fun and rest! We booked our next stay before we left and can't wait to come back. Thanks to everyone who was so nice to us and see you all soon.
Julia from Beaver county PA wrote on June 14, 2015:
It was a sunny 90 degree day, and i decided to visit white thorn for the very first time. I arrived not knowing what to expect, but they made me feel comfortable from the moment i arrived. When i pulled up to the gate there were clear instructions on what to do. When i checked in at the gate house they were very friendly. As it was my first time in the camp they showed me around, told me the dos and don'ts, and introduced me to a crew good folks.
The Camp is very beautiful and well taken care of. The pool was amazing and so clean. Every thing was clean.
The people, well you won't meet any nicer. I was eyeing up a volleyball game and someone kindly introduced me to the people playing so i was able to join in.
I went for a day visit and didn't want to leave. I'm going back this weekend for the whole weekend.
What a lovely place.
HUB from Boardman wrote on June 12, 2015:
Visited the Lodge today,have to say I had a wonderful time. Have never felt as relaxed in a long time, as I have today. Thanx for a outstanding visit!
Rob and Rita from Akron Ohio wrote on June 7, 2015:
Well what can you say that you don't already know .we just spent a great 3 day weekend with all the great people at white thorn and we are all ready looking forward to are next trip .just can't get enough of the place great people great place .are first trip there this year with many more to follow.just want to say thanks see ya soon
Misty & Corey from weirton,w wrote on May 25, 2015:
Just made it home from our trip at WTL had an amazing time will definitely be returning. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The place is like a resort it was a very relaxing weekend we spent our 1 year wedding anniversary there and loved it! Can't wait to go back and see everyone 😀
Dave and Betsy from Pittsburgh wrote on January 19, 2015:
After this cold snowy winter we are really glad to see the 2015 schedule up on the website. We discovered Whitethorn in 2014. Can't wait to return this year. We were impressed with the way the Whitethorn members work together to take care of the facilities and grounds. We found nudists to be so easy going and fun to hang out with that we joined AANR. I hope they give Whitethorn credit for the referral! You have not lived until you've spent a whole day nude outdoors with friendly people. We just wish we'd tried it sooner.
David B from Dayton Ohio wrote on January 19, 2015:
White Thorn looks like a wonderful place and I would love spending time there this summer. 😀
L&R from Western Pa wrote on August 24, 2014:
Well we just got back from our fourth visit to WTL this summer. Hopefully we can get one more stay in. We've been to several facilities, which all are nice, but WTL is the best. Our first time we had all the jitters as we have found out is VERY common! Needless to say after 15-30 minutes they're all out the window and a truly enjoyable stay begins. One person put it best...mostly women come saying "no, no ,no" on Friday and leave saying the same thing on Sunday. A more accurate phrase doesn't exist! The activities, although simple on the surface, require alot of planning and work to pull off as flawlessly as the staff at WTL do on a weekly basis. As stated in an earlier reply I feel safer here than going to town at night.
Here's the plug part for nudism in general omit this if need be webmaster. For men you'll never have to hear the better half complain of having nothing to wear for a fancy night in the clubhouse...whatcha brung is absolutely perfect and appropiate. Women remember the mountain of vacation laundry riding in the trunk? No more! A few towels, bathroom bag, sun screen & glasses, footwear and you're on the way. If you're an "in the closet" nudist as we are a dumby bag of clothes is a must have.
As Mikey used to say "try it, you'll like it!" Sad this summer is drawing to a close.
Tina & Mark from Erie wrote on August 18, 2014:
This was our experience on visiting a nudist resort for the first time, and just to let you know I am a type of person that will not even go outside without a shirt on in my own back yard.

I brought the idea up to my wife and she was hesitant at first but decided to do this but agreed and we are very excited that we did do this. This will be the simplest and most relaxing time you will ever have and what we considered a little paradise in PA

After arriving on a chilly morning we seen everyone dressed and we were like "oh my what did we get ourselves into" but then we were introduced to our tour guide Ken and he showed us around the facility and we made it back to the car and the words were uttered "let's get naked" so we did, it was awkward at first but after about 20/30 minutes sitting by the pool it just felt so good and right. The people and the workers could have not made you feel more comfortable and relaxed and the facilities are well kept and the courts, pools, & tubs are second to none. I will admit it is a very positive surreal feeling that everything you been doing behind closed doors and trying to hide is now open and you will never feel so free in your life, that is what made us realize you spend more time trying to hide what you are and at White Thorn they accept you for who you are. White Thorn is a very Family oriented and friendly place to visit and if the thought of every visiting a nudist resort has crossed your mind then this is the place to do it.

The only negative is that you will have to get dressed and leave and once you're leaving your deciding when the next time you are going to be back.

White Thorn Lodge employees are the best around and thank you for making this very positive and profound experience in our lives.

Not sure how long the feedback can be and not sure if this will make it.

I felt safer with my wife walking around completely naked and having conversations with men then I do when we are in a night club or if she is walking to the store by herself.
Pete from Blairsville, PA wrote on August 17, 2014:
First trip to White Thorn Lodge yesterday. Super friendly staff made you feel welcome from the get go. I had such a good time here I did not want to go home
rob and rita from akron,oh wrote on August 10, 2014:
well today was are first but not last visit to wtl..what a great place ..ken thanks for the tour and checking in on us really made us feel welcome... congrats to all wtl. members you have built and maintained a really nice place.the pool is great.the snack bar great . we are all ready planning to come next weekend .so i hope the suns out .this was only are second time ever to a camp. but your place was way better than the first place.think we found are new weekend getaway spot..
Sandy & George from Pittsburgh wrote on July 6, 2014:
This was our first ever visit to a nudist resort. After checking in at a very welcoming registration desk, we were given a tour of the grounds/facilities by our guide Ken. It felt awkward to disrobe in front of a stranger (who was already nude), but within a few minutes there we were, the three of us walking around fully nude while touring WTL. All grounds/facilities were beautiful and in tip-top shape. People smiled and said hello everywhere we went. Ken ended our tour at the beautiful new pool but checked in with us from time-to-time throughout the day to make sure we were doing okay and feeling comfortable. We also met other very friendly folks and are even considering becoming members.

One event that changed my fiance's perspective and impression of a nudist resort had to do with some of the women who were there who were breast cancer survivors. My fiance is a survivor who had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery to one breast. She was so intimidated by this that she was really reluctant to be nude in public, but within the first half hour of being at the pool she noticed that there were two other women who had mastectomies so she didn't feel so alone. She even struck up a conversation with one of the women (who has been a nudist for a long time) and she was able to share her feelings that helped her tremendously. Needless to say that given this unique experience of meeting other women with mastectomies, she is sold on nudism and we both look forward to our next visit to WTL.