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K & J from Western PA wrote on August 3, 2017:
If you enjoy sunning by a pool or relaxing in a hot tub, beautiful gardens and friendly people, WTL is the place to be. The volleyball and pickleball courts are popular and you don't want to miss the great breakfasts at the snack bar on the weekends.
Harry n Amy from North of pittsburgh wrote on August 2, 2017:
Always wanted to visit, we finally head the chance, we loved everything about the place, and the other guests and members were all really nice and welcoming.
We will be back for sure
John and Teresa from J-town wrote on July 30, 2017:
We had a wonderful time on our first visit on July 21-23. Everyone was very welcoming and made us feel real comfortable. Had a fun time playing volleyball and enjoyed the swimming pool. We also enjoyed the evening activities of dancing, etc. The facilities were like a resort very clean and well kept, the staff was extremely friendly as well as the other guests there. Can't wait to go there again!
Walt-n-Jen from Western PA wrote on July 11, 2017:
Came to visit White Thorn the first weekend of July. We have never been to a nudist/naturalists resort ever before. I suggested that we try it and was suprised that my wife was game without needing any prompting. We pulled up to the entry building and were greeted by two clothed members. After a few minutes of questions and answers two male members greeted us and explained that we would be given a brief tour of the resort. The two tour guides, Frank and Scott were very accommodating and put us at ease in spite of the fact that they were not wearing any clothing. Upon parking our vehicle we were told that we could just undress here, in the parking lot. Ever the gamer I proceeded to undress. I was suprised to turn around and find my wife having absolutely no problem with this whatsoever. We took off walking and we're shown the grounds. The tour only takes a few minutes. Within that time these newbies had acclimated well. Once you are there it really is an enjoyable atmosphere and the people are just normal people doing normal things. We had a great time and plan on returning before July ends. Frank, our tour guide came back just to check on us as we were enjoying the pool and again as we were leaving for the day. Very welcoming place. Most people there were older than us. We are in our 40's.
Pam and Scott from Garland, PA wrote on July 4, 2017:
We love coming to Whitethorn. It was the first nudist place we went to 7 years ago and now remains our favorite. We love how friendly everyone is and the grounds are beautiful. I would recommend visiting to anyone, be it a first timer or not.
Jolly from north of the Lodge wrote on June 22, 2017:
What a fantastic couple days! The grounds were unbelievably clean and well maintained. The layout was perfecto! It was our first time here and the hospitality was off the charts. we stayed in a cabin and it was clean, cute and cozy (says the wifey). So much to do, so little time. We cant emphasize enough how cool and friendly the people were. The pool was amazing - they had nice music playing, things to do, areas of shade, and hot tubs located close by. It was super fun. we are looking forward to our next visit. its not a matter of IF but WHEN
M & M from Canton wrote on June 21, 2017:
My Ladyfriend and I visited White Thorn for the first time this weekend (June 2017). We heard of white thorn from several ppl at other clothing optional places and they spoke highly of it but we had no idea what to expect. We received a tour from Ken, a super nice gentleman that showed us around, made us feel comfortable and went above and beyond. If you're a 1st timer, request that Ken give you a tour.

Anyway, we found the place to be larger than we expected. It was also very clean and well keep. You will find that most nudist are very friendly, open minded, and easy to talk to and white thorn is no exception, good friendly folks.
Few random thoughts- the pool was salt water, which was interesting, you tend to flot better. The lodge was spacious (they had a 60's and 70's cover band that night). There were 4 rooms for rent (2 cabins side by side with 2 rooms each, no AC though). Plenty of RV, camper or tent camping sites and areas with hook-ups. Good mix of young and old, which was cool because these places are generally full of older retired ppl, so it was good to see a mix. We did find the prices to be a little on the high side, $60 just for the few hours we spent there, but it was explained to us that it was a $24 hour pass, which would be cool if we planned on staying there or coming back the next day. Would have been better if they offered a one day $30 couple or single pass.

All in all, I would say it's a great place and we are definitely going back. If you are considering going, just do it. It is a great drive thru the country side to get there as well, very americana.
Jay from SW pennsylvania wrote on May 14, 2017:
Going to visit white thorn here in June
Mike from Cleveland wrote on April 8, 2017:
I have been to WTL three times and found it one of the best clubs that I ever visited. I haven't been there for a while but I plan to return this summer.
Lincoln from Erie, PA wrote on October 2, 2016:
It was my first time at WTL in early August, and I was nervous but excited for the exhilaration of my first nudist camp experience. I fell in love with the place and the lifestyle the second I stripped and got my tour!! Everyone I met was so nice, open minded, and friendly!! I couldn't get enough of the atmosphere, the great food, the hellos with smiles, sun on my skin, or spectacular conversation struck up with a perfect stranger. I met so many people over two days I felt like I was the guest of honor. All of them had such positivity, openness, and acceptance. It felt like the warmest place in the world, and I did not want to leave. I wanted to live there! Thank you all for so many good memories I will have for life. I use a manual wheelchair daily because of a spinal cord injury at a young age. Many people in society don't even approach me, mainly look at me with curious disdain but during my weekend there it was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE!! So many people were asking me about my disability with sincere inquiry and interest. THAT is what made me so comfortable and accepted. I cannot tell you in words what it did for my soul. I will most definitely be back A LOT next summer. Thank you all at WTL for helping change my outlook on life and find a new family connection!!!!!
Chuck from Eastern Pa wrote on September 15, 2016:
I visited wtl for the first time this past Superbowl and man was it a good time. Everyone made me feel welcome from the moment I got there. Members there are like one big family, something i have not experienced at any other lodge/resort. Hats off to all of you for your hard work and dedication to make the Superbowl a great experience. I am looking forward to returning next year and meet up with all the new friends I made. Thanks again
Archie from SC wrote on September 12, 2016:
Just watched the Stillers win over the
redskins. It was great. Made me think of the Labor day weekend we just spent at WTL. It was fantastic. We had the best time for our first time at a camp like this. Facilities are great, people are best, volunteer staff fantastic. We will be back here and will have friends come with us.
Thank you for a great weekend.
Lynda & Steve from Akron OH wrote on September 4, 2016:
On Saturday, September 3, my husband Steve and I visited White Thorn Lodge for the first time. We have been married for a little less than 2 years, but many years ago Steve had been to a nudist camp a few times. I had never considered it until I met him. Yesterday was my first time ever, and I am hooked!
We came from Akron OH and we took Rt 224, OH 45, OH 7, roads that let us really see the countryside. It was a beautiful ride, took us about an hour and a half. When we turned onto State Line Rd, I'll admit I was pretty apprehensive. We were greeted by some very friendly folks, who answered all our questions, we were given a tour by a very nice gentleman. (Forgive me, I am terrible at remembering names.) After we parked and got undressed, we walked around admiring the creativity and whimsy of some of the campsites and trailers/houses. People smiled and said hello, and any "nerves " I had vanished.
We mostly hung out on the patio, we talked to the lady selling 50/50 tickets and several folks who were buying tickets. The pool is beautiful. We didn't swim yesterday, but we will in the future. We watched some volleyball, listened to some great classic rock, and just generally wandered around.
All day we watched a beautiful young mother named Keri with her little son Tyler. He was just adorable, and before long Keri came over and talked to us a bit. She was just so sweet and welcoming. She introduced us to several others and we talked for quite a bit. I really hope we can get to know Keri and her husband Travis and others next summer. Everyone is so nice and friendly, we felt so welcomed and at ease. (If you know Keri, please thank her from us for helping to make our visit great.)
It's a little frustrating to have found such a great place so late in the season, but we will for sure be back next summer, (already planning several weekends and a 4 or 5 day vacation!) and we look forward to building new and lasting friendships.

Lynda & Steve
😮 😮
Jim from Oh wrote on August 27, 2016:
When 8 27 2016 1st timer it was my birthday weekend thought I would try something different so I went and love it did not won't to leave won't to go back soon nice place and people pool and hot tub was great thanks Tom for showing me around. Took 5 years of stress off me thanks for having such a beautiful place to let us come to
Mike from Akron, OH wrote on August 26, 2016:
Being a naturist/nudist on my private property and remote camping/hiking areas, I always wanted to attend a resort/camp. After checking into others, I chose White Thorn Lodge, and I couldn't have picked a better resort! The people are warm and friendly and there's lots to do! I spent time relaxing at the pool, hiking and meditating in the woods, playing sports, and socializing. Time went so slowwwwww! It was amazing! Although I packed my own food, I couldn't resist the breakfasts and lunches served at such reasonable prices. Being a huge volunteer myself, I am totally hooked on the co-op atmosphere with volunteers running the place! They obviously are not in this for the money. They just want people to get together and enjoy nude recreation, and feel comfortable. My suspicions that I landed at the best nudist resort in the area was confirmed by every other guest and member I spoke with. I've only been here once, but I'm ready to be a member!
Nik and sarah from North Pittsburgh wrote on August 24, 2016:
This was our first time at any place like this and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. We never felt any bit of awkwardness or pressure to get naked but it didn't take long before we were. Thank you to everyone who made us feel like we were members visiting every weekend. We will definitely be back
Kev from Cleveland wrote on August 22, 2016:
My wife and I just spent a day at WTL and had an incredible time. Check-In went smoothly, and Ken gave us a tour of the grounds. He answered all of our questions and made us feel at home. The grounds were impeccable... fabulous pool, clean rest rooms, even the tap water tasted good! Hanging out by the pool last night under the stars with the concert DVDs projected was a blast.

We look forward to visiting WTL more often!
Kim from Ohio wrote on August 22, 2016:
My friend and I went yesterday. We were greeted by two wonderful people, who shared there first time experience . I would have to admit I was a little scared but talking with them put my mind at ease . And our greeter who was Walt was a very very nice man and his wife also very nice and pleasant we spent quite a bit of time talking with them I really appreciate all the nice people that we met that made me feel very very comfortable ... We really enjoy walking around. The pool ears was very nice and relaxing.The grounds were so nice and clean.. If I get back this way I will definitely come back... Thanks you all who welcomed us.. If I lived closer I would become a member..
Karen and Jim from Southeast of Pittsburgh wrote on August 21, 2016:
We just came home from out first weekend at White Thorn. It was lots of fun and very relaxing. The people were wonderful and super friendly. An overall great experience. We will definitely be back.
Joe from Michigan wrote on August 3, 2016:
My wife, Kate, and I had the pleasure of spending the past weekend at White Thorn. We had a great time, even though there was a little rain. Everyone was so nice and welcoming at the pool, volleyball courts and the talent show. We are looking forward to hopefully coming back for the superbowl in a few weeks