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Chick from Pittburgh, PA wrote on February 16, 2012
As an active social nudist for over forty years I've been to many nudist venues, some were nice and some were not. I can, without any doubt tell you that White Thorn Lodge is one of the best. The grounds are second to none in their upkeep and the staff is always friendly and will help you in any way they can. I HIGHLY recommend you visit with your entire family and friends (we all wish) note: this has been an unpaid endorsement
Brian from NE Ohio wrote on January 15, 2012
I started going to WTL last summer and met some nice people. Nancy if you read this thanks for all the friendly chats we had. Brian and Margie wow you aguys are great too. Hoep to see you there this summer. Great place to feel free.
CRS Travelers from Angola, NY wrote on November 13, 2011
After visiting quite a few nudist places this year WTL appears to be in the running for our most favorite nudist campground that we went to over 2011'. We visited for the first time in early July with everyone so warm & inviting that we felt like we fit right in from the the starting gate. We have to come 2.5 hrs to get there but it was well worth it! Everyone assured us that the Luai weekend along with the Volleyball weekend would be great times to plan "a must return for" time. We were able to make it for the Luai weekend after some last minute schedule rearranging and it was a blast dancing in the sand under the stars in the nude to the great band strike three? I think they were called!! We are tent campers but it is a great arrangement to be able to pick a spot in the open area and set up wherever you want to.
Many thanks go out to Tristy, Andy, Terry, Lisa and her hubby along with Carol just to name a few of the members that welcomed us with open arms. I promise I will bring some "spirits" back next year to share with Andy and Terry! :p
It is a very clean and well manicured place, believe me when I say the members really do take pride in the maintaining of the property. Next year we will be on board from the begining of the summer so we can have more dates open & return to many of the activities planned in 2012'. The activities and music along with the live bands are great!! The pool needless to say is quite a popular congregating place to socialize or sit by the side and read or take a nap while getting a great tan! :!sun:
Definately worth our ride, we will be back and maybe this year we will have graduated up to atleast a pop up camper from a tent! 😮
Tommy from SW PA wrote on October 31, 2011
One of the best places I've been, and I've been to alot of places. I was a young child when I was introduced to WTL and twenty-three years later, I still visit. Great place for families.
Phillip from Pittsburgh,Pa wrote on October 30, 2011
I haven't been there for awhile.I am coming there next year.I love the place.Its a very good place for first time people who would like to try nudism for the first time.Very good place to relax and get a tan.Very peaceful
F from Ohio wrote on October 25, 2011
A great place to unwrap and unwind during the week. Quiet, peaceful and clean. Great people.
keith b. from weirton,wv wrote on October 22, 2011
what do i look forward to after labor day? memorial day!! that's when white thorn opens its gates to visitors. it is unbelievable that i have been enjoying the venue for seven years. my wife had the privilege of attending three of those. she chooses not to participate due to self image problems. we have seen that the great thing about nudist are they do not stereotype people. this is true at white thorn. i along with others that have visited met some of the greatest folks in my life! i have never been made to feel littler than the members. i have truly found the geratest nude place on earth! thank you all for saying "hi" to me!!
Bill & Linda from PA wrote on October 19, 2011
As we are going on 9-10 yrs of coming to WTL, we still look forward to coming back ASAP. Time is the problem. Linda has been working 7 days a week, maybe in a year her schedule will be better. Lately it has been too many bills, and we can't plan weekends.
Linda was kind of shy at first, but now she's out of her duds real fast.
The way the grounds are kept up is awesome! We do tell as many people as possible about WTL and some have taken us up on coming. One person has been a real friend, Wm Penn, and many more are ready to help out if you have a problem.
You can find us in the Flats - just look for a motor home with the Dallas Cowboy flag.
Maybe someday we will have a permanent spot.

Thank you
Bill & Linda
Bob from Mannington WV wrote on October 19, 2011
I came to WTL for the first time 11 years ago.Been to six superbowls. Always had a grate time.But i have to say be coming a probe member this year has been the best time i ever had at WTL. I made so many new friends and got to know older friends better.I would like to thank Jeff for letting me work with him on different projects. Also would like to thank lt. Dan for including me on the things he was working on.I can't forget kitchen Betty she always said thank you to me for helping out.[mostly doing dishes] lol and all the other members to many to name for making me feel welcome as a new member.looking forward to the Christmas party, and net summer.
Tim from Summit county Ohio wrote on October 19, 2011
Wow, where can i start,as other guests that i just read it would be at the front gate.The people at the gate make you feel as if you have known them for a lifetime ! & yes the place is simply imaculate & well kept a true testimony that people can make a co op work like magic when the common thing is something they all adore & are quite willing to go the extra mile for. I have visited several times over the past three years & of course the most fun for me is SUPER BOWL ! sooo many fun open-minded poeple from all over the U.S.& CANADA & what is the most amazing thing in this troubled world we all share is around a 1000 peolple hang out together for 3-4 days & NO ARGUMENTS OR TROUBLE TO BE FOUND ! how perfectly peaceful ! The days when they have live music are probably some of my favorite as i love to get up & dance my cares away ! & sitting around the community camp fire is also sooooooo relaxing & social ! I am so looking forward to my next trip to that beautiful ride up that quaint country road to the place known as Whitethorn Lodge . :!cool:
Nancy from Fairmont, WV wrote on October 18, 2011
I am delighted to share my love of White Thorn with you. I've been to about 50 nudist clubs around the US and Canada, and I'm always grateful that White Thorn is "my" club. It has a sense of community that is so rare. It is a co-op that actually works. It's beautiful and clean and fun and peaceful. I'm glad I found this amazing club - is it close to 20 years ago already?!

My thanks to all the members for being the people you are - you make it all come together for those of us who are "merely" visitors.
Cindy and Jim wrote on August 11, 2011
Just wanted to send a note to let you know that our time at White Thorn Lodge was great. When Jim and I decided to do this we were a little nervous wondering what we might be walking into that we did not want to do. White Thorn was true to what they had stated online that it was family and that is what we saw. It was a nice quite place to get away from everyday life. We both work very hard and need time to be together in a relaxed and quite surrounding. Allthough we are not campers like I had stated, for us to come for day trips is really great for us since we only live about 45 minutes away. I can't say enough about are first experience there, from pulling up to the gate, getting out of the car to register, and of the welcome wagon. Everyone was beyond nice and the place is clean and you can tell people love coming there. Thought we would be a little nervous about taking our clothes off for the first time but you made us feel very comfortable about it and never thought twice about it. Laying by the pool for the day was so great. Can't wait till we can come again hopefully this weekend.
Visitors from E.PA/NJ/NY from Eastern Pennsylvania, NJ, and NY wrote on August 9, 2011
This past weekend was White Thorn Lodge�s annual Hawaiian Luau and pig roast. On the recommendation of our good friend Deb who visited WTL last year, my wife and I plus two other couples and our friend Deb made the trip from eastern PA/NJ and Binghamton NY to White Thorn in Darlington PA for the festivities.

Last minute car troubles for Deb had her carpooling out with us and after stuffing our Subaru with all of hers and our camping gear and hitching our tent trailer we headed out early Thursday morning for a mid day arrival.

Ominous looking clouds and a bit of rain halfway across I-80 had us worried but by the time we arrived at noon the sun was shining. Carol, the person manning the gate and admissions greeted us like we�d known her forever and had us checked in and on our way to nude bliss in no time. The sign stating �WTL is a NUDIST resort and nudity is expected� made me smile.

As we drove to the camping area, we immediately remarked to ourselves how neat, clean and orderly everything looked. I mean the grounds were immaculate. Nothing run down, grass manicured, flowers planted, roads graveled, graded and smooth. These people put effort into making sure everything is perfect and it shows.

We stripped, set up camp on a very lovely site and us being some of the first there for the weekend had the pick of the litter so to speak and a site with a nice old oak tree that seemed to beckon us with a promise to keep us shaded and cool for our stay. And that fine tree did just that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent swimming in their beautiful pool and making new friends. And as an added bonus, some old friends that we have not seen in about 5 years decided to visit for the weekend. It was a very pleasant and unexpected surprise indeed. Then it was time for dinner; charcoal going, burgers on and then those ominous clouds reappeared and as we were eating under the awning, a wicked t-storm hit and drenched us. Oh well, it ain�t camping unless you�re eating a burger naked in a downpour.

Friday was spent doing what true nudists do. RELAXING in the pool, catching up on news with friends, reading in the shade and forgetting about the outside world. Friday evening all of our group were invited to the campsite of one of the members and his girlfriend for dinner. They had a very tasty entr�e and dessert baking in their dutch ovens. We all brought what we were going to have for supper and added to theirs for an impromptu potluck and had a feast. What wonderful hospitality. Thank you Tom and Kathy. Then off to the pool for an evening of swimming preceded by a film of a concert of Elvis in Hawaii which was this year�s luau theme.

But Saturday was to be the star of the weekend. The snack bar opens for breakfast and lunch on weekends and the omelet I ordered was done to perfection. Then off to the pool for a couple hours. In the meantime my wife discovered there was a yoga class at 10am. We love yoga and this was a chance to do it nude in a group setting. Theresa the instructor was awesome. Very knowledgeable and she had us sweating and limber by the end of class. All the while more WTL members, day trippers and folks camping overnight after the pig roast were pouring in all day. When it was all said and done there were probably 600-700 people there for the day. At 5pm they carved the pig and all the potluck dishes everybody brought were lined up on a dozen and a half tables end to end that would make an Army mess Sgt proud. There was no way one could sample all there was to eat.

Then the band showed up. A group by the name of Three Strikes Out (or something like that). Anyway they had the place jumping in no time and played 3 sets until 12:30am. The dance �floor� was the sand volleyball court. Picture 100 naked people rocking the night away out under the stars. Awesome. When the band packed up for the night, we all headed for the pool for another skinnydip. My wife and I hit the sack at 1pm while the rest of the group headed for the hot tub. I have no idea what time they called it quits. Party animals.

Sunday unfortunately, was our go home day. After saying goodbyes and vowing to not let so much time go by until we got together again, we headed out for the 6 hr drive home. A huge thank you to all the members of WTL for making their club a true nudist destination.

Next year we all decided to return to WTL for their �Hippie Weekend�. Far out man. Can�t wait.
Eric and Valerie wrote on July 28, 2011
The first thing we noticed about WTL was how friendly the people are. It is a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at WTL. There is plenty of "nothing" to do if you want to lay around and relax. On the other hand, the members make it a point to have something going on most every weekend so that it does not turn into the same old thing every weekend. Of course some of the staples of WTL are always there such as the pool, volleyball, and corn hole games. After one visit we were sure that this was the place we wanted to spend all of our free time during the summer months, therefore we almost immediately began the membership process. We honestly do not believe how anyone would not want to spend time at WTL. What a wonderful place to be!
Susan wrote on July 6, 2011
I just had to send an email to thank you for probably one of the best days I have had in a long time. I visited yesterday for my very first nude experience. Although I was slightly nervous, we were greeted at the gate by Mary who made me immediately feel relaxed. She talked kindly and remembered back to her first time as well. Within minutes I was undressed and felt so alive. The accommodations and grounds were wonderfully maintained. The people were so incredibly friendly. We swam, hiked, and talked with people. I felt alive. We left yesterday feeling refreshed and renewed. Like all the weights of the world were lifted and we were free...of course until we had to come back to textile living. What I�m trying to say is, thank you! Knowing there are places where I am accepted just as I am is wonderful and I am so glad my first experience was there! We will definitely be back.