Did you know WTL is a friendly and safe environment for woman of all shapes & sizes? As a plus size single woman who started to investigate an interest in nudism, I needed to know that I was both physically and psychologically safe. My biggest fear was “dang I am a meaty woman who is definitely not a size 2 let alone a size 12.” I personally wanted to ease into my experience a little at a time to give myself an opportunity to observe and get a feel for the people and location. My finding as a 12 year member was that people were not only welcoming but very friendly. I felt very comfortable and safe. Most importantly I gained such a positive body image for myself. My confidence increased. I heard as I was growing up that nobody will like you if you are fat. They were so wrong. People are accepted at face value and welcomed into an environment that became my camp family. Now mind you I am a nudist but a girl does like her fashion. I’ve enjoyed adding pretty earrings, fun sun glasses and beautiful wraps. I have to admit it’s usually me and my sunglasses but I still feel beautiful. I’ve embraced the naturist life style and celebrate the friendships I’ve made. Friendships from people who love me just the way I am, a plus size woman. – Kat