Dear Females,

I was asked to write a short article on why I became a nudist and what it means to me to be a female in the nude recreation world. So here I go!

I am not writing this as a speech or a lecture but as one friend to another. The world of female nudism is a grand world girl.

In the textile world you are judged by your looks, your style of clothes, your eye color and many other ways. What shape is your body? Are you thin? Are you a little extra meaty? These are all things that a textile world would look at and say “oh she is not a pretty lady”

How untrue is this of the nudist world! In the world of nudism you are not judged by any of these attributes. Girls, we all have the same body parts, some are perky, some are not, some have scars and some have tattoos. Your body is not what makes you a person. Your body is a host for the beautiful, magnificent you that is housed inside a not so perfect body!

In my own words I will tell you of my first nude experience. It was 18 years ago when I was a young mother at the age of 28 with long flowing blonde hair and a kind of nice body. My now ex husband and I had heard of White Thorn Lodge and thought it would be a kick to try nudism.  I was nervous, oh boy was I nervous. My body would be out there for the whole world to see! I had stretch marks, a hysterectomy scar, oh and my breast…let’s not even talk about those! Cottage cheese thighs! Yep, I had em.

My ex was a persistent man and in those days I did what he said (unlike the me I am today who has her own mind). So we looked up the directions to White Thorn Lodge. Sent the kids to my parents for the weekend, loaded up the pickup truck and got on our way. Well the one thing we forgot to notice was that at that particular time it was the Annual Volleyball Superbowl at White Thorn Lodge. As soon as we hit the gate there were literally thousands of people all walking around NUDE! How could I compete with these young beautiful women who played volleyball and were so physically fit?

I said to myself “Self, you’re here; you’ve paid your gate fees, get your clothes off and mingle!” And that is exactly what I did. One of the first members from White Thorn to come speak to me was one of the founding members who at that time were 70 + years old. She looked like a one of those wrinkle dog puppies! But she had the warmest most welcome smile and heart of anyone I had ever know! She greeted me with a smile and a hug and said “Welcome to White Thorn Lodge. May the sun shine on you forever!” How cool was that? She didn’t look me over or frown at my stretch marks. She didn’t notice that it was humid and my hair was frizzy. She only noticed that I was nervous and slightly uncomfortable and by noticing that she wanted to make me feel at home.

It worked! I immediately felt safe, comfortable and relaxed. How beautiful did I feel? I felt like the Queen of the Nile. In a world where I was judged by my looks I had finally found a haven that not only didn’t judge me but they liked me for me!

Girl, I hope you can understand the point I am trying to make. The point that no matter what you look like on the outside, in the nudist world it only matters what you are like on the inside. There is no beauty pageant in a nudist resort. There is no ideal body shape or weight. There is only love and support from your fellow female nudist.

We are a strong sisterhood that understands your worries and concerns. We understand all your hopes and fears and we love you just the way you are. Wow, I’m going to break out into the Billy Joel song “Just the Way You Are”. Love it!

Being a female nudist is not a sexual thing. There are no poles to dance around; there are no perfectly formed shirts to wear or ultra chic clothes. There is nothing sexual about being a female nudist. Being a nudist to me is a total absolute freedom to be one’s self.

Being a nudist is the feeling of the sun on your body and warmth from Mother Nature. It is appreciating that cool summer breeze on a hot day. And yes it is getting sunburned in areas that haven’t seen the sun ever before (all I can say is sunscreen the “girls” extra good).

To me a female nudist is the most wholesome, natural feeling in the world. Hey girls, Adam and Eve were naked at first! Hey if Eve can do it so can you!

I am a self proclaimed tree hugging, bunny lover from way back. If I could live in a world where you could walk into the grocery store naked I would. If I could go to the post office naked, watch out here I come!

I am by no means perfect. I am a mother of two, grandmother of 4, I have short hair, sagging breast, a slightly large rump, 16 tattoos, and the list goes on. But what I do have is a warm smile, kind eyes and a hug that will envelope you in happiness!

What I am is … a Woman In Nude Recreation!!! WINR for short and I love it!

Step outside the shower girls, drop those clothes and be free to be YOU!

With love, hugz and warmth,

Margie, Your friend !