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Home of the Original Naked Volleyball Superbowl!


White Thorn Lodge Guestbook

The first thing we noticed about WTL was how friendly the people are. It is a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at WTL. There is plenty of "nothing" to do if you want to lay around and relax. On the other hand, the members make it a point to have something going on most every weekend so that it does not turn into the same old thing every weekend. Of course some of the staples of WTL are always there such as the pool, volleyball, and corn hole games. After one visit we were sure that this was the place we wanted to spend all of our free time during the summer months, therefore we almost immediately began the membership process. We honestly do not believe how anyone would not want to spend time at WTL. What a wonderful place to be!

Added: July 28, 2011
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I just had to send an email to thank you for probably one of the best days I have had in a long time. I visited yesterday for my very first nude experience. Although I was slightly nervous, we were greeted at the gate by Mary who made me immediately feel relaxed. She talked kindly and remembered back to her first time as well. Within minutes I was undressed and felt so alive. The accommodations and grounds were wonderfully maintained. The people were so incredibly friendly. We swam, hiked, and talked with people. I felt alive. We left yesterday feeling refreshed and renewed. Like all the weights of the world were lifted and we were free...of course until we had to come back to textile living. What I�m trying to say is, thank you! Knowing there are places where I am accepted just as I am is wonderful and I am so glad my first experience was there! We will definitely be back.

Added: July 6, 2011
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